Lena Barrows

Pam Cooking Spray

We took the brand that hides in the back of everyone’s shelves and turned it into the swan of cooking spray and the champion of putting spatulas to the skillet. 


For years Pam has been anchored in their iconic red and yellow color scheme and messaging of no residue, no stick, and no mess. That’s a lot of “No” from a brand that really means “yes.”

PAM Before:

Pam After:


Someone once told me “If you can read, you can cook.” We took that advice and applied to Pam - the "can do" in a can. that means, No matter the recipe, pam is your little shot of confidence in the kitchen.

The undertaking was a total overhaul of all of Pam's communications including redesigning the website, print, dynamic digital displays for micro-segmentation, developing a new social voice and presence, quick turn video content, and a partnership with the Swedish Chef.


“Pam Cooking Spray”
ROLE: Art Director

ACD: Tor Kologlu
ACD: Justin Stielow
Creative Director: Kevin Thomson
Agency: DDB San Francisco
Director: Joel Hopper